Ontario is Business Friendly

Business Friendly

Whether you’re just starting your company, looking to relocate or planning to expand, Ontario officials know the best way to attract business is by making it easy to do business. The City of Ontario, California has expanded by listening to business’ needs and constantly improving its business environment.

City officials and community leaders work tirelessly to ensure that Ontario stays business-friendly – whether that’s updating outdated infrastructure, investing in workforce development or launching new business initiatives. City officials partner with San Bernardino County and the state of California to pool resources and offer programs for local companies.

Dollar for dollar, the cost of doing business in Ontario is less than Los Angeles and many other Southern California communities. The cost per square foot of Ontario’s commercial, retail, office and industrial space – both leased and purchased – is much lower in comparison to our coastal neighbors.

With more than 100 million square feet of industrial manufacturing and distribution space, Ontario is the hub of industry in the Inland Empire. Ontario International Airport, the 15th busiest airport in the nation measured by air cargo, as well as the City’s ease of access to the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, help drive Ontario’s manufacturing and distribution industry.

Mag Instruments Inc. – maker of the renowned Maglite flashlights – is headquartered in Ontario and is one of the City’s major manufacturers and employers. The ICEE Company is also based in Ontario, and Toyota North American Parts Center has chosen Ontario as its home.

Fun Fact

20% of the workforce employed by the following companies located in Ontario work in manufacturing.

Sunkist Growers, Incorporated, Mag Instrument, Inc., maker of Maglite flashlights, Hewlett Packard and Graber Olives

In Ontario, companies find a diverse and talented labor pool that is able to do anything, whether that’s driving a forklift or steering an international corporation. As the City continues to grow, Ontario’s skilled workforce is constantly replenished, and, unlike many communities, its unemployment rate has steadily declined in recent years.

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