Purpose, Goal and Objective of Program

The City of Ontario, in its continuing effort to support the revitalization of the Historic Downtown Area, has created a Downtown Storefront Façade Improvement Program (Program) for all property owners within the designated program area. The purpose of the Program is to provide financial assistance to commercial property and/or business owners to make qualifying façade improvements on Euclid-facing buildings.

The goals of the Program are to facilitate commercial revitalization; stimulate private investment and customer patronage; preserve and beautify the Historic Downtown Area; and generate shopping opportunities by creating a pleasant walking environment resulting from the improved visual aesthetics of commercial building façades.


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Source of Funds

The Program is being funded by the Federal Government’s Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) for Fiscal Year 2021-2022.


Financial Assistance

Grant funds shall be available to eligible commercial property and/or business owners who meet the requirements of the Program. The maximum program grant amount per applicant is $25,000. The applicant will be required to contribute a 1:1 leverage of personal funds towards the approved improvements of the building. For example, if the grant amount requested is $10,000, the applicant will need to provide an additional $10,000 worth of improvements within the approved scope of work.


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Façade Improvement Program Flyer

Façade Improvement Program Guidelines

Façade Improvement Program Application