In Ontario, California, we know that the way we plan, zone and develop our land is critical to our City’s economic health and our community’s future. Ontario City officials and community leaders understand that their job is to foster an environment where industry – whether large corporations or small businesses – can grow and thrive.

Ontario officials strive for smart growth and responsible urban renewal but never to the detriment of our economy or our community. City leaders are always looking toward the future and, in 2009, approved “The Ontario Plan” as a roadmap for the next 20 years.

The Ontario Plan outlines a dynamic framework for comprehensive leadership in how the City builds and grows our community. The Ontario Plan connects all of municipal government’s dots, lays out the community’s guiding principles for growth, and provides lasting policies for change, so there is no confusion and little doubt about what the future holds

The Ontario Plan consists of a six-part framework that outlines the City’s vision, governance manual, policy plan, City Council priorities, and implementation, as well as providing opportunities for tracking and feedback.

Ontario’s Planning Department plays an instrumental role in growing and maintaining the City’s economic value. Planning staff in the City’s Land Use Division works with developers to help them negotiate and navigate the entitlement process in order to get their projects approved quickly and efficiently.

The City's planning staff also works hand-in-hand with local businesses to help owners identify the proper zoning and find the right location for their companies’ needs. City staff walks business owners through the process of applying for – and getting approval of – business licenses, building permits, storefront signage, landscape plans, tenant improvements, temporary sales events, grand openings, and expansion efforts. Through Ontario’s team of experts and business concierge assisting them, business owners don’t need to fear the daunting task of starting or expanding their companies.

City officials have developed a Fiber Optic Master Plan to guide the design, construction and operation of a city-owned fiber optic network in Ontario, California. The fiber optic backbone will be a long-term investment that will serve both City government and local businesses. Once built, the fiber optic network will provide state-of-the-art data and telecommunication services, which will reduce the need to rely on expensive and limited third-party Internet and telephone providers.