The COVID-19 pandemic has had a lasting impact to the economy.  As such, the City of Ontario’s Economic Development Department has developed a Business Recovery Strategy to address the concerns facing Ontario’s business community as they begin to increase operations to full capacity and production for the first time in over a year. This Business Recovery Strategy is a plan to effectively, comprehensively, and quickly address ways in which the City of Ontario can provide a road to recovery to its business community.



Since March 2020, the Economic Development Department has been actively engaging with the business community.  During the initial order for only essential businesses to remain open, Economic Development staff created the ‘Ontario Open for You’ map which showed the locations and special hours (seniors, front line health care workers and first responders) for our grocery, retail, and restaurants that remained open.  The City also provided letters for those essential businesses and their employees that they were important and needed to remain open during the first Stay-At-Home order.  Economic Development staff worked with restaurants and personal care services (nail salons, barbershops, beauty salons, etc.) to set up outdoors, as indoor operations were restricted.  In November of 2020, restaurants were assisted with funding for the winterization of their outdoor dining.  

While it was important to address critical needs as they arose over the past year, the Economic Development Department also stayed proactive in preparing for the eventual reopening of the economy.  The team gathered feedback from two separate business surveys and hosted small group sector specific forums to gather important feedback needed to develop this strategy.  



The Business Recovery Strategy includes three main phases, incorporating the input and ideas received from businesses in the community.   

  1. Reopen
  2. Reconnect
  3. Reimagine

These three steps over the next year will provide the business community in the City of Ontario assurance that the Economic Development Department is working hard to keep you in business. 

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