Location Benefits

  • Distance from Ports
  • Access to Rail
  • International Airport

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Ontario, California Target Industries

Where a business chooses to invest is critical. Ontario believes that it’s the City’s responsibility to ensure that businesses and their employees, who make a commitment to invest in Ontario, remain confident their investment is the right one, today and for the long term. Ontario’s transportation infrastructure is a key asset to the City’s success in business. Whether you are a manufacturer/distributor of goods, a corporate headquarters or a local retailer, Ontario offers business opportunities for all industries.

In 2009, the City unveiled The Ontario Plan, the nation’s first web-based general plan. This dynamic framework for sustained, comprehensive leadership in building a community institutionalizes the approach to governing a City, providing predictability, certainty and stability over the next 20 to 30 years.

Ontario has projected to nearly double its population within the next 20 years making the City one of the 50 largest cities in America. While the growth of Ontario would certainly be appealing to a retailer, developer or owner looking for the next place to invest in Southern California, long term success will only be realized if the city of choice demonstrates planning, leadership and a willingness to be a partner for the short and the long term.

Industrial Market

Ontario continues to have the hottest industrial real estate market in Southern California. Developers have found that sites in Ontario offer the best combination of highly valued attributes-efficient infrastructure, modern amenities and a technology/logistics proficient labor force.

From a planning standpoint, firms find they are located next to one another with good freeway access and are isolated from incompatible uses such as schools, retail outlets or residential neighborhoods.

Ontario Foreign Trade Zone allows products to be stored, manipulated, manufactured, and exhibited and (if need be) destroyed without paying Customs duties unless the items enter into the US economy. The potential ability to increase international sales, realize greater export potential and succeed in global markets is often a deciding factor for location, relocation and expansion into Ontario. For more information about the Foreign Trade Zone, click here.

Freeway/Rail Systems

Ontario reaps the benefits of the intersections of three major arteries of Southern California’s dynamic freeway system: Interstate 10, Interstate 15, State Route 60. The efficiency of this freeway system has been dramatically enhanced with the recent completion of the high-occupancy vehicle lane on Interstate 10, augmenting its immediate trucking and air resources.

Ontario provides access to two major railways including:

  • Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway
  • Union Pacific Railway

Ontario also provides strategic access to the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach through its interconnected freeway and rail system.

What Businesses Say

Ontario’s got a lot of great fundamentals and reasons to do business here. One of the obvious ones is that it’s essentially the gateway to doing business in Southern California, Nevada and Arizona. Really an excellent spot for logistics and that’s one of the reasons why we have a manufacturing... Read more

- Andy Peykoff

We’ve been in downtown Ontario since 1933. Ontario has really done a lot of work in downtown over the year. We’ve got the new condominiums and apartments down here that people are moving into, so we’re starting to see a lot of action going on again so, we’re seeing some businesses coming back... Read more

- Jerry Rowley

The City of Ontario has a very unique place in the SCAG Region. The SCAG Region has 190 Cities and Ontario is at the heart of the Region. It has the second largest airport in the region and is actually is one of those cities that we’re looking for to change the urban form and the pattern of how... Read more

- Hasan Ikhrata

Having an airport here in Ontario really benefits our business because it completes a transportation portfolio that’s necessary for today. It’s not uncommon for us to get a call from the East Coast after hours at a dealership and what they can take advantage of our three hour time difference and... Read more

- Ed Huante

The City of Ontario is growing. If you look at the world class international airport, the transportation systems, the 30 year strategy of building this community – that was a significant attraction for us. As we see our members growing throughout the San Bernardino County, this is an area we... Read more

- Greg Christian