Andy Peykoff, Niagra

Ontario’s got a lot of great fundamentals and reasons to do business here. One of the obvious ones is that it’s essentially the gateway to doing business in Southern California, Nevada and Arizona. Really an excellent spot for logistics and that’s one of the reasons why we have a manufacturing plant here. On top of that we also have our corporate headquarters here.

Our customer’s needs are always changing and they are always evolving. Our customers want a great product at the lowest possible price and they want service. Being in Ontario allows us to service them better because we’re... Read more

Jerry Rowley, Logan's Candies in Ontario, California

We’ve been in downtown Ontario since 1933. Ontario has really done a lot of work in downtown over the year. We’ve got the new condominiums and apartments down here that people are moving into, so we’re starting to see a lot of action going on again so, we’re seeing some businesses coming back into the vacant buildings. We’re very excited and in the long term we see continued growth in downtown, and for our company.

One of our big things, one of the things we’re most known for, is making candy canes and ribbon candy and people come in and view and that’s always special when you see... Read more

The City of Ontario has a very unique place in the SCAG Region. The SCAG Region has 190 Cities and Ontario is at the heart of the Region. It has the second largest airport in the region and is actually is one of those cities that we’re looking for to change the urban form and the pattern of how the Inland Empire is going to grow. The City of Ontario is a very unique city, a very progressive city and a city that looks towards the future.

The City of Ontario has the right planning for enough job growth to support the population growth. They’re looking at a different urban form, they’... Read more

Ed Huante, Toyota

Having an airport here in Ontario really benefits our business because it completes a transportation portfolio that’s necessary for today. It’s not uncommon for us to get a call from the East Coast after hours at a dealership and what they can take advantage of our three hour time difference and, having the airport really close here in Ontario, we can actually make the next day service to the East Coast, so the Airport really fits a really expedited model for us that we need in our portfolio for logistics.

We call Ontario our home because of the quality of our associate pool. The... Read more

The City of Ontario is growing. If you look at the world class international airport, the transportation systems, the 30 year strategy of building this community – that was a significant attraction for us. As we see our members growing throughout the San Bernardino County, this is an area we want to be prepared for as we continue our mission of caring of the communities we serve.

This new medical center here in the City of Ontario was an investment of just over 540 million dollars. It’s very exciting. It is bringing 600 new jobs in the City of Ontario.

Kaiser Permanente has a long tradition of innovation, in fact, our motto for the opening of the Ontario Medical Center is “Building on a tradition of Innovation” and so we’re building a lot of elements into this medical center looking to the future. Our electronic medical record called “Health Connect” is the largest private electronic record in the world and it not only allows our patients to communicate with their physicians in a different way, but it also allows our physicians to communicate with each other in a way that was never possible before.

Chris Myers, Citizens Business Park

Ontario is a strong business community and there are a lot of great business connections. Our bank caters to small to medium sized privately held family owned businesses and we have seen many of those businesses move from the central part of Los Angeles and even Orange Country into the Inland Empire over the last 20 years.

We have the Citizens Business Bank Arena which is a great entertainment venue from the Ontario Reign Hockey Team to events like Elton John and the Eagles, the Harlem Globetrotters and the Lakers pre-season game. In the last 20 years, Ontario has evolved from a... Read more

Ontario has great logistic capabilities. It has the traffic arteries that help us to get to this facility, has the labor force that helps us to staff the facility, so it’s a great place for us to be.

Our Ontario facility has the latest state of the art technology in terms of material handling equipment. This allows us to bring the product in quickly, distribute it out to our stores and because this location is so closely located to our stores in the LA basin area, we’re able to have our product in and out of this building and on to those stores very quickly. Ontario really gives us... Read more

Scott O'Brien, Safariland

With respect to research and development we have a great ballistics lab her in Ontario, it’s probably the best in the country. We spend about two million dollars in development. This is where we actually develop our body armor and we have high speed cameras and we bring police departments in to show them their body armor and how it works and so that lab allows us to develop the finest body armor in the industry.

When we look at locations for our plants and our facilities clearly, logistics is a big part of the decision and the airport here in Ontario is certainly a big factor in... Read more

Matt Holton, Chaffey Unified School District

It’s critical to have a relationship with Universities and colleges in our area. We work closely with Cal State San Bernardino, Chaffey College, and Cal Poly to provide programs for students to continue once they leave the high school district. We have an online to college program. We have a science technology, engineering and math program. We work with the County and the Alliance for Education, as well as the community in the City of Ontario and the greater region to provide our students with the skills necessary to compete in the workplace.

It’s crucial that the Chaffey District... Read more


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