COVID-19 Resources for Businesses in Ontario, California

COVID-19 has forced every business owner, regardless of industry, to rapidly adapt their business practices and procedures. Staying up-to-date on the latest local, state, and federal guidelines isn’t easy, especially as we continue to learn new information. To ease this burden, the City of Ontario’s Economic Development Agency has created various partnerships and resources to help Ontario businesses continue to thrive.

COVID-19 Re-Opening Guidelines & Permits

The Economic Development team has created printable sets of guidelines to help restaurants safely conduct business, which include directions for how and when to file for a temporary permit.

Guidelines for Safer Environments

Whether you’re deciding how to reopen your corporate office or assessing the safety of your customers and employees in the retail or manufacturing sectors, the City of Ontario is here to help. The Employer Playbook is available to help business owners reduce the risk for workers and customers. The free playbook includes:

  • Industry-specific guidance and checklists
  • Worker education
  • COVID-19 reporting
  • Employer cleaning guide

How Ontario Businesses Have Adapted To COVID-19

Like most companies around the country, COVID-19 drastically impacted Ontario businesses. The City of Ontario's rapid response helped many businesses adapt quickly. From providing daily communication on new policies and guidelines, providing funding for personal protective equipment, and helping applicable companies gain “essential business” status, the City of Ontario worked around the clock to support local businesses.

Our latest Made in Ontario Series segment explores how Ontario businesses have been impacted, the challenges they faced and how they are adapting with the help of the City of Ontario and the support of their loyal customers.


To learn more about how the City of Ontario is supporting local businesses, check out our Coronavirus Resources for Employers and Employees.