Hiring Tips For Small Businesses

On the heels of COVID-19, many employers are struggling to fill positions. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that at the end of March 2021, over 8.1 million job openings were available - the highest number of open jobs since 2000. With so many open positions, it can be hard for candidates to find the right job for them - and for businesses to find the qualified candidates they need to operate at pre-pandemic levels. Finding the right candidate for the job is never easy, so we’ve compiled some short- and long-term strategies to help you fill your immediate needs and plan for future hiring success. 

Short Term Recruitment Strategies

Multiple Platforms

Many people start their job search on Google or other 3rd party platforms like LinkedIn, Glassdoor, ZipRecruiter, and Indeed. Posting your jobs on these platforms increases the number of applicants who will see your job post, and since they’re trusted websites, Google Search is likely to rank your listing. To gain even more exposure, you can connect your job postings directly to Google, allowing them to appear in Google Jobs. 

Job listings on internet

Update Your Business’s Online Presence 

Once people see your listing, they’ll likely visit your website or LinkedIn profile to learn more about your business. Make a great first impression by ensuring your online presence reflects your company. Remove outdated content, like old pictures or photos, and replace them with pictures of your current team, location, or branded content. Be sure to include information about your company’s culture, how your team works together, and any benefits you offer around remote flexibility, mental wellbeing, or childcare options. These topics came to the forefront during the pandemic, and are likely to remain top-of-mind for job seekers. 

Use Social Media

In 2020, 79% of job applicants reported using social media to assist in their job search, so showcasing your business on social media could be crucial to helping you attract candidates. If you’re not sure what to share, consider posting about: 

  • Office life: Whether you’re fully remote, hybrid, or in-person, share photos and videos that give a glimpse into the daily life of your employees. 
  • Employee testimonials: Let your employees tell your company’s stories by adding testimonials to your page. In addition to sharing why they love the company, testimonials can give job seekers a better idea of what your team is like and how they’ll fit in with their future coworkers. 
  • Career growth and development: Many job seekers want companies who will invest in their career growth. If you have development opportunities within your company, share them with the world! This can help you stand out and attract long-term career candidates. 

No matter what you end up sharing, use social media authentically so you can attract candidates aligned with your company’s culture, vision, and future goals.  

Consider Recruitment Technology 

Recruitment can be incredibly time-consuming. In addition to reading resumes, you’ll need to track applicants, conduct interviews, and assess skills. Recruitment technology can help source candidates, identify the most qualified applicants, track applications, and support pre-employment assessment tools. Some tools can even be used to streamline the onboarding process to get your new hire up to speed quickly. 

Long-Term Recruitment Strategies 

Evaluate Your Benefits

The pandemic has caused many workers to be more aware of the benefits their company offers around remote work, flexible hours, mental health benefits, and overall health care policies. As you plan for long-term success, consider the benefits you offer and if you can make changes to better support future employees. 

Consider Remote Roles 

Many companies adopted remote work during 2020, and some employees may prefer a remote environment rather than a traditional office. If it’s possible for your industry and business, consider adding remote roles to your job listings. These types of roles may appeal to candidates in your area and also allow you to cast a wider net when searching for high-quality applicants. 

Cross-Train Your Employees

According to LinkedIn, internal mobility increased by almost 20% year over year, and this trend is expected to continue. Instead of working in siloed departments, companies are shifting towards cross-functional work where employees can adapt to accommodate various business needs. To help your current workforce meet your needs, consider investing in Learning & Development or cross-training programs to reskill your employees

Focus on Retention

As you build out your long-term hiring strategy, speak with your current employees to understand what your company is doing well and what else they may be looking for in a long-term career. By focusing on what your current employees want, like strengthening your team culture or adding more opportunities for growth or development, you can also position your company to be even more attractive to future applicants.

Ontario offers its businesses the network of partnerships and resources to help recruit talented and trained employees – saving employers both time and money. One such resource is the San Bernardino County’s Workforce Development Board, which offers federal funding to support training and workforce development initiatives.

Many programs such as job referral and applicant screening services, tailored recruitments, on-the-job and customized training programs are provided at no charge to employers. 

If you need assistance finding or training candidates for your business’ open positions, contact the Economic Development Team. We can help connect you to resources for high-quality applicants and opportunities to train existing employees to fill current knowledge gaps.