Made in Ontario: Alger Precision Machining, LLC

Alger Precision Machining, LLC began in 1958 in Ontario by a gentleman that moved from Rochester, New York with four Davenport machines. Subsequently over the last 59 years, the company has added approximately 120 employees and over 100 pieces of automated equipment, selling over 60 million parts per year. Today it has transitioned into a company that manufactures a wide array of high volume, medium complexity precision metal components to exact print specifications for diverse original equipment manufacturer applications.


Supporting Ontario’s Workforce

Alger Precision Machining, LLC believes in doing their best to hire Ontario’s skilled workforce with manufacturing and/or mechanical experience. Many of the company’s employees are family members, and family is something they value. Jim Hemingway, President of Alger Precision Machining, LLC said it best, “We’re a company of family and we treat our employees like family. And they give us their all every time they come to work.”

The company also provides a lot of on-the-job training for their employees. The work they do is highly specialized and unfortunately is not taught in schools. Alger Precision Machining, LLC tries to partner with any of the local trade schools whenever they can in order to find entry level employees that can have on-the-job training and become a full-time machinist.


Business in Ontario

Jim Hemingway, who was raised in Ontario and has worked 23 years for his company, praises the manufacturing and industrial base of the City, and recognizes the continuously growing potential the City has, “Ontario is a great location here in the IE. We’ve got everything at our disposal from trucking lines to UPS and FedEx. We do fly parts out, so the airport being less than two miles away is a great advantage.”

He also praised the positive relationship they have with the City, “The City of Ontario has been very supportive of Alger over the years. The good thing is they don’t need to come to us too much and we don’t need to go to them too much because it’s an ease of doing business here. So it’s been a great relationship for these 50-odd years that we’ve been here.”

Partnering with other local businesses is also important for their company. Patton Steel, a supplier for their company, has been partnered with them for years.


Going Green

Alger Precision Machining, LLC tries to be as green as possible wherever they can. For all of the metal that the company cuts, they capture the chips and the used oil. They reclaim the oil so that they can use it again, and then they return the chips from the machine to either a certified dealer or directly back to the mill where they can make the same product again, brass being a example of that. The brass chips go from Ontario back to Ohio where they are made into brass bar again that the company can repurchase and machine again.

“It’s a benefit to not only Alger, but the surrounding community. We want to be as green as we can, we want to be a good neighbor, and the more we can recycle and make it a closed loop process, the more we’re saving in fees that we might have to pay and the more we’re helping the community,” said Jim Hemingway.


To learn more about Alger Precision Machining, LLC, visit

Alger Precision Machining, LLC is located at 724 S. Bon View Avenue, Ontario.




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