Made in Ontario: Baldy View Regional Occupational Program

The Baldy View Regional Occupational Program (ROP) was established in November 1972 and is operating pursuant to a Joint Powers Agreement between the Chaffey Joint Union High School, Chino Valley Unified, Claremont Unified, and Upland Unified School Districts, to serve residents of these four districts by providing entry-level career preparation.

Baldy View ROP is part of a statewide network of 74 Regional Occupational Centers and Programs.

Statewide, more than 500,000 students enroll annually in ROP courses to better prepare themselves for the world of work and advanced training.


Preparing Ontario’s Students

When students complete their Career Technical Education program of study they are expected to be able to demonstrate career and college specific communication and critical thinking skills, responsible work ethics, career/employment literacy, and use technology effectively.

By providing Ontario students with this level of training, they will be better prepared to use these skills while working for businesses located locally in Ontario.

There are a variety of course subjects offered such as Agriculture, Arts, Media, Entertainment, Hospitality, Information and Communication Technologies, Health Science, Business, Marketing and many more.

In March of 2016, Baldy View ROP was awarded $6.8 million through the California Department of Education Career Technical Education Incentive Grant. Baldy View ROP stated that the grant funding will be primarily used for its courses in the medical, informatics, and logistics fields. Each of these fields are industries that offer high-employment opportunities in the Inland Empire region.

“We’re proud to be able to say that we are partnering with UPS to build what we’re calling a logistics pathway. As part of the Career Technical Education Incentive Grant we’ve received a little under $14 million, and part of that money, $3 million, we’re going to be spending on building a logistics building on this site. It’s our intention that the building will provide an opportunity for students to learn different aspects of the logistics pathway,” said Shelley Adams, Superintendent of Baldy View ROP.


A Partnership for a Better Ontario

As the City continues to focus on workforce development, the growing partnership between the City and Baldy View ROP will continue to be a valuable asset for the future success of Ontario.

“There are so many different aspects that are now going to be developing within the City of Ontario. We’re looking for more opportunities to be able to partner with them and really to prepare the young people and expose them to what all the opportunities are,” said Shelley Adams. “A lot of what we do is access opportunity and exposure. We need to make sure that we’re connecting with more partners, businesses and industry leaders in the City of Ontario.”

Increasing educational attainment, literacy, and job qualifications are directly correlated to preparing Ontario’s students for much needed entry-level jobs. By improving the local workforce, the overall quality of life will increase for the residents of Ontario.  


To learn more about Baldy View ROP, visit

Baldy View ROP is located at 1501 S. Bon View Avenue, Ontario.

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