Made in Ontario: James Litho

Jeff James started James Litho in 1997 after decades of experience working with his father. In 1971 his father had opened a large printing company in Chino Hills, and Jeff literally grew up with the business. Jeff wanted to continue doing what he knew and loved, so he began the James Litho Company in Ontario. His devotion to relentless quality, integrity and personal attention is the trademark of his company.


A Family Business

Brothers Jeff James and Bryan James are carrying on their father’s legacy by continuing to do what they both love.

Jeff spoke about what he loved about printing and being a family business, “We were born into it. We’ve got ink in our veins. I don’t mind getting up every morning and coming in and seeing what’s new, what’s going to be the next job that we’re going to get, the next customer we’re going to attract. It’s just exciting to see manufacturing going on.”

“My dad started the company and we’re carrying it on. And we started when we were in our teens, working and doing all kinds of odd jobs,” said Bryan about his father.

Both James brothers pride themselves for consistently delivering excellent quality prints to their customers and the City of Ontario.


Importance of Technology

James Litho possesses the Heidelberg SM 74 printing press which has many different capabilities, such as die cutting, which is a unique selling point for the company. Over this past year the company has added two new Heidelberg Digital Presses.

This modern technology gives the company a competitive advantage because of their great turnaround time. A customer could place an order one day and potentially receive it the following day.

Owner and President Jeff James is confident that with their variety of technology there are not many projects he would be concerned about them completing.


A Business Made in Ontario

The business-friendly environment of Ontario and its central location and close proximity to vendors have aided in the company’s success.

“They’ve been a great partner for the last 30 years since I’ve been working with them. And like I said, they help us grow and they’ve given us every opportunity to be the printers that we are here today,” Bryan said.

James Litho also has employees that have been with the company for over 10 years. The company is always looking to expand as technology improves, and invest in its current employees so that the company can do more with the same people. 

When asked about the company’s future and what it has in store for its customers, Jeff ended by saying, “Our goal is to make them happy over and over and over again. And, you know, most of our customers are long-term. I mean we’re extremely fortunate in that regard and we have people that we’ve been doing business with for 35, 40 years. And they do it because we make it easy for them. Including the City. The City’s been great.”


To learn more about James Litho, visit

James Litho is located at 4462 E. Airport Drive, Ontario.


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