Made in Ontario: Otto Instrument Service Inc.

Otto Instrument Service Inc. specializes in the maintenance, repair and overhaul of a diversified range of instruments, electronics, avionics, and wire harness assemblies for foreign and domestic: Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), Commercial Air Transport Operators, Cargo/Freight Operators, Regional/Corporate Operators, Private Aircraft Operators, Rotor-Wing Operators, Military Operators, and Defense Aircraft Operators.

Otto Instrument Service originally began in 1946 in Riverside, California. The company moved to the Ontario International Airport and started building their first permanent 6,400 square foot building, and they officially moved into this building in 1952. In 1993, they moved into a more modern Ontario building, which remains their current location (1441 Valencia Place).


The Beginning

The founder of Otto Instrument Service, William R. Otto, went to an aviation mechanic school in Colorado while he was working for Wilson Flying Service in Colorado. When the war broke out, he went to Lockheed Aircraft where he was a flight test mechanic for the Lockheed Lodestar Hudson Bombers. He later went to work at March Air Force Base and ran the aircraft instrument and bomb site repair station. After World War II, he saw an opportunity for repairing instruments since people were starting to fly airplanes again and manufacturers were building airplanes.


Relationship with Ontario

Corporate Vice President Richard Delman spoke of his positive experience working with the City of Ontario and how it impacted his life. “I remember building this building and all the cooperation that I got from the city and it actually prompted me to want to give back and I became a City Planning Commissioner for the City of Ontario. So I’m not only a customer of the City of Ontario, I’m also an employee. And very proud to help Ontario grow.”

The company has also had much success finding a workforce in the City of Ontario. They look for employees with basic electrical or mechanical skills and teach them everything else that they need to know. The company has a total of 3 facilities and approximately 130 employees.

The Ontario International Airport has also assisted in simplifying business for Otto Instrument Service. Most of what the company ships and receives goes by air. The easy access to FedEx, UPS, and airlines if they need something counter-to-counter overnight, has been very beneficial. With the airport continuing to grow, Otto Instrument service is excited to enhance its business even more.

The company is also currently working on purchasing another building to bring its satellite facility from Sun Valley to Ontario.


The Sky’s the Limit

“Otto has a very strong future. We’re always at the MRO’s all over the world. MRO’s are Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul Trade Shows. We’re teaming up with companies like Honeywell, General Electric, Snecma, and doing work directly for the manufacturers. And in fact, we have some contracts with Honeywell, not only service contracts, but direct contractor contracts. And we’re also one of the largest suppliers to the KC10 Refueling Aircraft,” said Richard. “I’ve been with this company for 50 years. I’m very proud of what we do, and I see a great future for young people that want to come into this business.”


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Otto Instrument Service Inc. is located at 1441 Valencia Place, Ontario.