Made in Ontario: reRubber

reRUBBER is in the business of remanufacturing a product that we see and use on a daily basis: tires.

This is the Made in Ontario story of reRUBBER


Building a Business of High Tech Recycling

reRUBBER started business in 2008 in Ontario, California with dreams to recycle rubber tires but for the purposes of using the material for high tech applications. In 9 years the company has grown from a small tire recycling plant to actually manufacturing new and unique products and focusing on research and development for uses of recycled rubber.

Typically, recycled tires are turned into artificial turf or playground padding, reRUBBER is taking the rubber from used tires and developing an entirely new field of uses for it.

“What we do is a little different than your traditional tire recycler,” JD Wang, CEO and President of reRUBBER, explains, “We are able to grind the rubber down to a powder. By powderizing it, we are able to open up the opportunities.”

reRUBBER is one of only 3 companies in the United States, and the only one located on the West Coast, that is taking rubber recycling to this level and researching and developing more uses for their rubber powder.

The company currently produces a tire sealant that helps hold tire pressure better and repairs tire punctures instantly by filling in the pores of rubber tires to seal them. Additionally, reRUBBER also manufactures a rubber coating used on roofs and flooring of all materials to protect from weather, moisture and UV rays.

Rubber powder produced at reRUBBER is also used to help decrease water usage on lawns. The rubber powder is inserted into soil beneath grass to lessen soil compaction and increase water filtration, which leads to 50% less water usage to keep lawns green. This type of product innovation is what reRUBBER aims for as they continue to research and develop more possibilities for recycled rubber.


Sustainability is Key

reRUBBER believes that having products where the base material has been recycled is essential to sustainability and being environmentally friendly which makes the company stand out from other tire sealant or protective coating producers.

According to Wang, “Our goal is to be able to eventually replace raw virgin rubber entirely.”

However, rubber is not the only thing being recycled by the plant, reRUBBER is able to recycle 100% of the tires they use by removing the steel part of the tire and sending it to steel recycling plants.

With global trends pointing toward change needing to be made on how the world uses natural resources, reRUBBER is hoping to lead the way in using what we already have and making it into what we need.


The Business and Ontario

For reRUBBER finding the right location was key to the business’ success, and Ontario was exactly what they needed.

“We needed to be in a location that was very business friendly and that has a good supply chain of tires,” Wang said.

With so many logistics and shipping companies in Ontario, there is plenty of truck tires to recycle and Wang has been able to build a strong relationship with city services to help his business thrive. Whether it was working through the permitting process or receiving personal visits from the Chief of the Ontario Fire Department to go over safety regulations, JD has so many positive experiences with the City of Ontario.

“There is a lot of transparency, a lot of cooperation and a lot of help that has made us very safe and secure here at our facility,” Wang said, “Being in Ontario has really benefitted us.”


To learn more about reRUBBER, visit

reRUBBER is located at 315 S. Sultana Avenue, Ontario

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