Made in Ontario: Rogers Flowers

Rogers Flowers, first opened by Anne and Harry Rogers, has been located in downtown Ontario since 1937. The flower shop’s current owner, Freddy Marcos, has owned and operated the business for over 15 years.


Truly Made in Ontario

Rogers Flowers has been a part of the lives of Ontario’s residents for 80 years.

Freddy Marcos, the owner of the flower shop, spoke about how he has served customers that have had up to four or five different generations of their family members purchase wedding flowers from Rogers Flowers.

After working at Rogers Flowers for three years, Marcos decided to buy the shop when he learned he had a natural talent for it, “I actually started out with the previous owner, just helping around the shop. I was in college at the time. So I started delivering and cleaning flowers. And as time went on he would kind of guide me and say, well, let’s make an arrangement in a vase or let’s make an arrangement in a basket. And so I slowly started learning and he saw that I had some talent in it. And he says, you know, maybe this is something you should pursue because I see you have natural talent.”

Today, his business sells flower arrangements made for all kinds of occasions: weddings, funerals, birthday parties, quinceaneras and more. The shop also sells a variety of other products such as plants, planter baskets, vases, baskets and gift baskets with different themes.

The advantage of being located in Ontario allows the business to flourish because of the large amount of potential consumers, “I think being in downtown is great especially for deliveries throughout Ontario because we’re kind of in the middle of everything,” said Marcos. “We can go towards the airport or towards Inland Empire or the mall. So we deliver basically to all the surrounding cities.”


The Future of Rogers Flowers

Now that customer buying behavior has begun to shift to more online purchasing than walk-in purchasing, Rogers Flowers has seen a large increase in their online sales. The flower shop’s online search engine tool makes it easy for customers to find the perfect flower arrangement and have it delivered anywhere. Marcos even has a customer that orders flowers from Florida and has them shipped to Germany to his mother once a month.

When asked about the future of Rogers Flowers, Marcos mentioned he might begin to teach classes again, “I’ve taught them through the Ontario Living Magazine, and it shows all the different classes and things that they have. So I offered the class through there. I offered it through a few other community colleges as well. I’ve been getting so many requests and so I’m kind of thinking about bringing that back into light again.”

Freddy Marcos says he even plans on opening up a Rogers Flowers Floral University next to his shop sometime in the future, in order to teach students the art of floral arrangements.

Supporting Small Businesses in Ontario

Shopping at local small businesses is important to continue your support of Ontario’s economy and fellow citizens, especially a business that has been a part of Ontario for as long as Rogers Flowers.

When asked about his relationship with the City, Roger had only good things to say about his experience, “They’re very down-to-earth, I mean I have the Mayor come in and buy flowers and I have the City Manager come in and buy flowers from us. And they’re so friendly and so nice and so I think that’s great that we have that kind of relationship with them. I think that’s great.”

When compared to the floral arrangements you can purchase at the grocery store, the personalization, creativity and talent put into the flower arrangements made at Rogers Flowers is very apparent.

Freddy Marcos truly puts his heart into his work and is prideful in what he offers Ontario, “I grow a lot of my Hydrangeas and Flax and Birds of Paradise, Tea Leaves and lots of different kinds of greenery. And so it feels good walking out in the yard in the morning and picking the stuff that I’m going to use, sort of like a chef that has an herb garden in the back of the restaurant. I enjoy growing the flowers, cutting the flowers, and arranging the flowers. And then when we deliver it to see people happy and the smiles. I don’t think there’s a better job in the world.”


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Rogers Flower Shop is located at 413 N. Euclid Avenue, Ontario.

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