Made in Ontario: Trident Case

Enhancing the usability of technology was the impetus for creating Trident Case back in 2010. Drawing from his experience in both the gaming and manufacturing industries, Lip Yow, founder of the company, began designing and manufacturing high quality, durable cases for mobile phones and tablets. In turn, functional cases allowed users to “Live With Impact,” taking positive action in all facets of life. Along the way, Trident also created jobs, enabling employees to Live With Impact as well.

What Recession?

Starting a family owned business in the midst of a serious recession was a brave move, one that paid off for Lip Yow and Ontario. When Trident outgrew its original digs in Chino, Yow established its new headquarters in Ontario. Working to shift manufacturing out of China and into the Inland Empire, a production facility in Rancho Cucamonga soon followed. Employing both skilled manufacturing workers and award-winning designers in their Ontario region facilities, Yow aims for manufacturing all products in the USA within a few years, increasing both the facilities and the number of people employed.

A Founder with a Vision

Growing up, an important lesson Lip Yow learned from his father was, “When you make money, contribute back to the society.” Yow chose Ontario as Trident Case’s home to create jobs in the area and put the lesson he learned from his father into practice. Trident’s employee group, “Team Titan,” fosters peer-led groups, Employee of the Month awards, and team building through community service projects, such as beach clean-ups, blood drives, and holiday toy collections. Trident’s community outreach includes working with San Bernardino County’s “Alliance for Education,” which promotes STEM education, the Autism Speaks organization, and donating to area organizations such as the Fontana Police K-9 facility.



“When you make money, contribute back to the society.”

-Lip Yow, describing his father’s advice to him





Choosing Ontario

While acknowledging the challenges of manufacturing products in the U.S., Lip Yow also recognized the many benefits of domestic manufacturing operations, specifically in Ontario. Tax benefits, time and transportation savings, and better quality control all figured into the decision to locate in Ontario. Ontario’s local Foreign Trade Zone, granting qualifying businesses discounts on imports and exports costs, was another consideration. A local government supportive of area businesses smoothed the transition. Beyond that, Ontario’s existing infrastructure and access to numerous transportation modes contributed greatly to Trident’s choice of Ontario as its new location.

Quality of Life

The region’s reasonable real estate prices offered an opportunity to create jobs for people in the area who could work close to home. In fact, Yow himself lives in the area. A good quality of life requires a good job, and it is enhanced when commuting time decreases. Having the time and resources to do your work, then go out, and enjoy life goes hand in hand with Trident’s “Live With Impact” philosophy.

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