Made in Ontario: Tutti Frutti La Michoacana

Alana Roche’, along with her mother, Ana Zubiate, and her step father, Efren Aguilar, opened up Tutti Frutti La Michoacana in September of 2016. Their family puts in a lot of time and effort to provide the highest quality of ice cream to their customers. Their ice cream shop uses 100% all-natural ingredients in their ice cream and they also sell a variety of other food items.


A Family Business

Efren dreamed of opening his own ice cream shop here in California. He learned how to make Michoacan style ice cream from family members they had in Michoacan that owned their own ice cream shops. He made his dream become reality and brought his knowledge and skills to Ontario where he shared them with his family so that they could start their own business together.

Each member of their family plays a different role in their business. Ana manages business operations and is shaping her daughter to do the same, whereas Efren creates the recipes and ice cream.

Alana described her and Ana’s roles, as well as Efren’s, in more detail, “We’re more the front end, customer service, caring about the business, employees, and all the things that go into it. And he’s just more about the quality of the food and the appearance of it. He pays attention to details that we don’t, as far as the quality and the flavor. So we’re a good little team.”

Another important value of their family business is excellent customer service.

“I want people to tell me they keep coming back because of our customer service. That’s something that is right after the quality of our products, that’s going to be the number one thing. We want people to feel that we’re family, that we want them here and that we appreciate them here,” said Alana.


Choosing Ontario

Their family strategically chose this location because of Ontario’s business-friendly environment, perfect location and perfect demographic for their business.

“I definitely like being in Ontario because people know what they’re coming for. And if they don’t, and they’re trying something new, it’s even cooler because we got them to come to Ontario,” said Alana.

The higher Latino demographic that’s familiar with their style of ice cream, paired with the high traffic from Cardenas Market which is located next door to them, allows their shop to attract a high volume of customers. Ontario’s proximity to surrounding cities also allows Tutti Frutti La Michoacana to attract customers from cities like Upland and Rancho Cucamonga.

They hope to open another location in the near future, but in the meantime the ice cream shop is selling their ice cream to another shop opening in Ontario, as well as a local restaurant that is interested in their unique products and quality.


Supporting Local Businesses

Small businesses like Tutti Frutti La Michoacana are the backbone of business-friendly cities like Ontario, and many larger businesses are not able to provide the detail-oriented services that these smaller businesses can provide.

“Now I appreciate every business so much more because I know that it’s something that they put their heart and soul into, just like we did,” said Alana when she was asked about how this experience has changed her view of small businesses in Ontario.

Their family has even supported and helped open up another ice cream shop that was not associated with their business, “Her and my step dad helped him with every single thing. Down to construction, down to what materials to buy. My step dad went down and helped him make ice cream. We’ve help him from the ground up to open.”

Businesses and the community supporting each other just like Tutti Frutti La Michoacana is the exact synergistic environment the City of Ontario continues to work toward.


Tutti Frutti La Michoacana is located at 1845 E. Fourth Street, Ontario.

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