Modern Housing Makes Ontario A Great Place To Live

As the premier city in the Inland Empire, Ontario is a great place to work, play, and live. With new communities being planned and built each year, Ontario residents have many options when it comes to choosing a neighborhood. No matter where you choose to live, the City has worked hard to ensure all citizens have access to modern amenities, affordable housing, and outstanding communities.

Affordable Cost Of Living

Ontario’s cost of living, median home price and even sales tax is lower than Los Angeles and many other Southern California communities. In addition, the City has planned affordable and workforce-attainable housing across Ontario.

Accessible Housing

We believe people should be able to live and work in Ontario, which is why the City has focused on creating affordable housing opportunities for every budget. Most recently, Ontario opened Emporia Place, a new community that provides workforce affordable housing for over 75 families. In addition to the market-rate features and accommodations, Emporia Place was built with indoor and outdoor community areas and after-school programs for working parents.

Strong Communities

No matter what part of Ontario you live in, you’ll find ample opportunities for connection and community. Ontario is full of community spaces and parks, and up-and-coming neighborhoods are being built with community in mind. Many community areas feature open spaces, parks, and trails to encourage our community to play, walk, and explore our City together.

Award-Winning Neighborhoods

Building a neighborhood is more than construction - artful design that brings people together and encourages community. One of Ontario’s newest neighborhoods, Ontario Ranch, is a master-planned community sprawling over 8,000 acres. The thoughtfully crafted neighborhood will feature attainable housing, schools, modern amenities, and plenty of recreation elements to bring the community together. In 2020, Ontario Ranch was announced as the #7 Master-Planned Community in the nation and #1 in the Inland Empire.

With ample job opportunities, affordable housing, and a vibrant community, it’s no wonder why Ontario continues to grow year after year. For more information on housing in Ontario, or to discuss additional housing opportunities in Southern California, contact the City of Ontario’s Economic Development Team today.