Ontario EDA Goes Social

Wouldn’t it be great if there were some way for Ontario business owners to come together, connect with the community and let everyone know about local business services and events, all with a single word?Well, how about not one but two ways to connect all things Ontario business and economic development? Done. Meet #OntarioBiz and #OntarioEDA, at your service.The Ontario Economic Development Agency is introducing its new hashtags as an easy way for local companies, business owners and community members to connect on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.By using either #OntarioBiz or #OntarioEDA, businesses can use social media to come together, talk about common issues, and promote the community.So, what’s the difference? We’re glad you asked. Use #OntarioBiz for all things business-related. That can include grand openings, special occasions, sales, promotions and anything else pertaining to local business services and events. Are you hiring? Are you having a one-day sale? Are you and other neighboring stores collaborating on a community project? Or are you just in love with the Caesar chicken wrap at a local restaurant? Tell everyone about it using #OntarioBiz.On the other hand, use #OntarioEDA for all things related to Ontario economic development, including the city’s fast-track business services, licensing and permitting assistance, and public works projects. Are city crews improving the streetscape in front of your store? Is a new development going up on your company’s block? Did the city just issue your building permit for your new location? Let everyone know about it with #OntarioEDA.We’re also working to incorporate both #OntarioBiz and #OntarioEDA into the scrolling newsfeed on our website at www.ontariothinksbusiness.com. That means every time you use either #OntarioBiz or #OntarioEDA in a tweet, Facebook post or Google+ update, your company will get some extra exposure on our website and may even get a little boost in business. Bonus!You can find links to all of Ontario’s social media channels on the bottom of each page at www.ontariothinksbusiness.com. Or find us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/Ontario.California, on Twitter at @CityofOntario, and on Google+ at CityofOntario.Here at the Ontario EDA, we know that city government doesn't create business, but we are dedicated to creating an environment where it’s easy for you to do business. The city of Ontario’s business-friendly approach is evident in all we do: site selection services, fast-track development application and review, building permit and licensing processes – the list of assistance available from the Ontario EDA is long. Ontario is the ideal place to expand or relocate your existing business or start a new one. And now you can let everyone know what your business is doing – and how the city is doing with its economic development efforts – using both #OntarioBiz and #OntarioEDA.