The Ontario Fire Department Wants to Remind the Community that Possession and Use of Any Fireworks within the City of Ontario is Prohibited

In May 2007, the Ontario City Council enacted an ordinance which reaffirmed existing Ontario Municipal Codes prohibiting fireworks and declared fireworks within the City of Ontario a nuisance, carrying a $1,000 fine. This fine is in addition to any other civil penalty, criminal prosecution or fine. Ontario revised the ordinance in October 2015 to include:

  • Holding residential property owners responsible for violations occurring on their property;
  • Holding parents and legal guardians responsible for any violations of the code by a minor;


  • Issuing citations via mail.

Possession and use of any type of fireworks within the City of Ontario is illegal, therefore are prohibited unless a permit is issued to use, transport or store the fireworks or explosives. Permits must be obtained by the California State Fire Marshal and approved by the Ontario Fire Department. Only state-licensed pyrotechnicians will be issued permits.