Ontario’s Art & Culture District

What’s the best way to cultivate learning, entertainment, personal growth, and community? Make a commitment to developing inviting and culturally rich environments. Ontario’s Art and Culture district does just that - from Community art centers and history museums to public libraries and theater halls, the City of Ontario has spent the last several years investing in the community’s cultural spaces. 

Culture Builds Community 

Celebrating the diverse backgrounds, history, and cultures of Ontario’s population has been crucial to strengthening Ontario’s community. In the fall of 2014, the City of Ontario partnered with volunteers, downtown artists, and culture stakeholders to launch a strategic initiative to highlight existing art and culture organizations and support new programs in the Downtown Euclid Avenue District. By focusing on developing numerous cultural activities, Ontario has preserved the City’s cultural heritage and fosters creativity across the community. Now, Ontario residents have numerous opportunities to immerse themselves in the worlds of visual art, music, and theater in the heart of Downtown.

Supporting Ontario’s Cultural Organizations 

The City works closely with most of Ontario’s cultural and artistic organizations to ensure they have the visibility and funding to make a positive impact on the City. Ranging from community centers to history museums, the City works hard to offer enrichment and learning opportunities to Ontario’s citizens, including: 

Ontario Museum of History & Art 

Established in 1979, the Ontario Museum of History & Art is an anchor to the growing downtown arts district. Operated as a City Department with support from the non-profit Ontario Museum of History & Art, Associates, the Museum preserves, interprets and celebrates the history and cultural heritage of Ontario and the surrounding area through exhibitions, educational programs and experiences, and events that inspire creative action.  

Chaffey Community Museum of Art

Founded in 1941, the Chaffey Community Museum of Art features the work of local artists. Through the decades, the museum has morphed from showing oils and watercolor. Now, in addition to these mediums, exhibits include sculpture, collage, and a wide range of other media to mirror the diverse interests of the community. To allow the greatest number of regional artists to present their work, the museum showcases between 24 and 26 unique exhibits per year. 

Public Art and Historical Treasures 

Ontario has many great historical treasures, landmarks and public art throughout the City. These are physical testaments of our community’s heritage and contribute to the rich architectural and cultural history. 

With almost two dozen artistic and cultural organizations, Ontario offers citizens diverse and distinct ways to enrich their personal lives and connect with their community members. To learn more about cultural opportunities in Ontario, or to explore options for creating new programming, contact the City of Ontario’s Economic Development Team.