State Of The Industry: Manufacturing In Ontario, CA

As the 5th largest employer in the state, the manufacturing industry is booming in California. As of 2020, California manufacturers employed about 8% of the state’s workforce and accounted for 10.67% of the total gross state product. In Ontario, manufacturing makes up an even larger percent of the workforce - nearly 12% of Ontario residents are employed by manufacturing, distribution, or industrial companies. Located in Southern California, Ontario continues to gain popularity for manufacturing businesses due to the strategic advantages the City offers. In honor of National Manufacturing Day on October 2, we’re taking a deeper look into the unique benefits the City of Ontario offers manufacturing businesses.

Why Ontario Is An Ideal Location For Manufacturing Businesses

Ontario is home to over 650 manufacturing and distribution businesses, including Toyota North American Parts Center, 3M, QVC, Mag Instruments Inc., Uline, Waxie, Cardinal Health, and FiveStar Gourmet Foods, and for good reason.

Available And Affordable Space

With over 100 million square feet of manufacturing, distribution, and industrial space, Ontario has become the hub of the Inland Empire. Compared to the cost per-square-foot of industrial spaces of neighboring cities like Los Angeles, Ontario offers businesses ample space to grow at a much lower price.

Ontario Foreign Trade Zone

Ontario Foreign Trade Zone allows manufacturers to manufacture, store, exhibit, and manipulate products without paying customs duties if the item doesn’t enter the US economy. This allows manufacturing businesses to more easily enter the global market, boost international sales, and capitalize on their export potential.

Proximity To Highway And Railway Systems

Located in the center of Southern California, the City offers easy access to freeways and rail systems. Three major freeways (Interstate 10, Interstate 15, and State Route 60) intersect in Ontario, and businesses have access to two major railways: Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway and Union Pacific Railway. Proximity to these systems allows businesses to more efficiently move products across state and county lines.

Strategic Business Support

The City of Ontario’s Economic Development staff is on hand to help manufacturing businesses thrive. The staff can help your business select a site, assist with the relocation or startup process, and provide free consultation on permits, taxes, utilities, and more. The team also connects businesses with the right resources and partners to help their business succeed.

Case Studies: Ontario Supports Manufacturing Businesses

The easiest way to show how the City of Ontario’s supports businesses is to hear from the companies themselves. Hear more about the experiences of two Ontario-based manufacturing companies:

New-Indy Containerboard

The New-Indy Containerboard Ontario facility was constructed in 1985 and has become the company’s most productive facility. The company’s corporate office is also in Ontario, and the proximity to the Ontario Airport and hotels makes it a convenient location for company-wide meetings and gatherings.

The New-Indy Containerboard team has worked with the City of Ontario’s Economic Development Agency several times. The City formed a strike team to help the company navigate through the permitting process, and the team’s assistance helped make the project a success. With the Economic Development Agency’s assistance, New-Indy Containerboard was able to improve the efficiency of their machines, reduce emission levels, and make the facility’s future more secure.

A19 Artisan Lighting

A pillar of the community for 20 years, A19 Artisan Lighting chose Ontario due to the inexpensive building rent and the many tax benefits the City provides. During the company’s history, the Economic Development Agency has provided important information regarding commercial real estate rezoning and business licenses. When asked why Ontario is a great environment for the business, A19’s president, Cinnamon Alvarez, states “Location, location, location. Sunny California with everything a business could possibly need, right next door.”

Look Forward: The Future of Manufacturing In Ontario

Despite the significant challenges manufacturing businesses faced in 2020 in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, experts expect that manufacturing will remain a significant and growing sector of the local economy. Home to Ontario International Airport and a highly skilled and trained workforce, with the large zoning areas reserved for industrial and manufacturing use, the City of Ontario will continue to be a perfect location for industrial, manufacturing, and distribution businesses.

In the wake of COVID-19, manufacturing businesses will adapt to new CDC and public health guidelines. Location planning may be greatly affected by new regulations, and existing companies may need to alter their processes and procedures. The City of Ontario's Economic Development team continues to stay up-to-date on the most recent developments to help businesses change course and continue to succeed. The City will also continue to promote programs offered at the federal, state, and local levels to assist with business attraction, financing, and retention efforts.

Whether you’re interested in relocating your manufacturing business to Ontario, California, or you’re a current business owner who’d like assistance in growing your company, contact the City of Ontario’s Economic Development Agency today.

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