Tapping Energy Incentive Programs to Charge Profits & Fuel Growth

In today’s competitive business environment, companies are wise to take advantage of various grant, incentive and subsidy programs to reduce costs, increase competitiveness and boost profits.  For companies operating in and around the Southern California region, or considering re-locating to Ontario, California, there are a variety of programs to help your company succeed.Two incentive programs offered through Southern California Edison, one of the largest electric utilities providing power for Southern California, are designed to provide relief from rising energy costs. These are the Savings by Design and the Economic Development Rate programs.

Savings by Design (SBD)

 If you are building a new facility, the Savings by Design program offers design resources, design assistance and financial incentives to encourage energy efficiency in new commercial and industrial buildings.  Financial incentives are provided to Owners for exceeding Title 24 (can  you define Title 24 standards?) standards by a minimum of 10%. These savings begin at $.10/kWh and increase to $.40/kWh for companies exceeding Title 24 standards by 40%. Annual savings are capped at $150,000 per account. These rates savings, together with reduced electricity consumption, combine to create a powerful incentive to build efficient buildings.  Companies aiming to exceed Title 24 standards by 40% need to pay attention to all their building systems to achieve this ambitious goal.  “We have definitely seen an increase in interest for our energy efficient doors, HVLS fans and Energy Guard® products as designers and builders look to lower the energy footprint of their facilities” says Greg Larsen, President of McKinley Equipment Corporation, a supplier for a wide range of warehouse equipment throughout the Southern California region.Read more about the Savings by Design Program

Economic Development Rate (EDR)

Another popular program providing energy cost savings is the Economic Development Rate (EDR) program. This program offers reduced utility rates to businesses who are planning a move to the Southern California region (attraction), expanding existing operations (expansion), or are facing the prospect of facility closure (retention). The attraction, expansion and retention streams within the EDR program have different qualifying standards with eligible companies receiving a 12% discount on their electricity bill.  The discount increases to 30% for facilities located in certain economically depressed regions.Accessing these two programs and discovering other offerings can be a time consuming task. One excellent resource available to help companies navigate the available programs in in the Southern California region is the Economic Development Services (EDS) Team at Southern California Edison (SCE). This group provides one-on-one consulting services, at no-cost to you.  They have experience helping companies across all sectors tap into available incentives and programs to reduce the cost of doing business in the region.  In addition to grant assistance, other consulting services provided by the group include assistance with site selection and permitting, accessing capital, improving business processes and securing tax relief. Since its inception in 1992, EDS has helped local businesses generate more than $900 million in new revenue. To learn more about these energy savings program please visit the SCE website.  To learn more about energy saving equipment solutions for warehouses in and around the Inland Empire, visit the McKinley Equipment website.To find out how these Economics Development Services can help your business, visit their economic development services pageAdditional resources:Economic Development Services: Helping Pave the Way for California BusinessesEconomic Development Rate Program: Helping to Drive Down Your Cost of Doing Business