Top 10 Reasons to Visit Ontario, California at RECon

Once again, the City of Ontario's Economic Development Team will be at the International Council of Shopping Centers in Las Vegas from May 22 to May 25 in search of retailers and developers interested in investing in our fine city. Here are 10 reasons why YOU should stop by our booth – C2228: 1. The EDA team has a combined 50+ years of economic development experience and a progressive City Council that supports growth. Come by the booth and meet them for yourself!2. 8,500 acres of residential development. Where are they going to shop? That is where you come in.3. In Ontario, you can find affordable properties and land to develop.4. The City is home to an International Airport, a 225,000 square foot Convention Center and an 11,000 seat sports and entertainment arena.5. Ontario has over 5,000 hotel rooms to support the numerous conventions, events and visitors that come to the City. 2,000 of those rooms surround the Convention Center, making it an ideal location for your next meeting or convention!6. Ontario has the largest indoor mall west of the Mississippi that is over 2 million square feet in retail space.7. Ontario has a population of 170,000 people, and in a 10 mile radius, there is a 360-degree market of 1 million people.8. Ontario’s historic and walkable downtown is ripe for development. The City has invested over $20 million of public improvements. Let’s talk!9. Come July 2016, the City will have full control of Ontario International Airport and has many land development opportunities!10. 2016 marks Ontario’s 125th Anniversary since its incorporation on December 10, 1891. The City of Ontario continues its commitment to creating opportunity and building value in the community. To schedule a meeting, contact Tanya Spiegel at [email protected]. Follow us on Twitter at