Trade is at the Cornerstone of Ontario’s – and Region’s – Economy

It’s no surprise that the City of Ontario has a diverse economy comprised of a significant number of Retail, Industrial, Manufacturing, Leisure and Hospitality and Wholesale Trade businesses, among others. But what is surprising is that jobs associated with “Trade” make up one quarter of all jobs in the City of Ontario.

What this Means to Ontario

In the City of Ontario, employment figures released in 2014 show that jobs in Trade, which includes Wholesale Trade, Transportation and Warehousing, accounts for a total of 25 percent – or nearly 24,175 – of the City’s total employment. And these figures are only increasing. From December 2013 to December 2014, Wholesale jobs increased by 7.5 percent - from 10,025 to 10,775. Transportation and Warehousing jobs also increased during that time by 5.1 percent – from 12,750 to 13,400. 

Examples of Trade Businesses in Ontario

So how do we define “Trade?” In Ontario, that means about 907 businesses that fall into the following:

  • Merchant Wholesalers of both durable and non-durable goods, such as Gold Star Foods, Converse Inc., and Grove Lumber
  • Wholesale Electronic Markets, which include products that are used in the aerospace, medical and computer industries
  • Motor Vehicle Parts and Distribution, such as car dealerships and many parts distributors, such as Toyota Motor Sales Corp.
  • Air Transportation, which include companies that service the LA/Ontario International Airport, such as Southwest, United Airlines and Delta
  • Truck Transportation, which include more than 100 companies that support and provide the trucking needs for many of the wholesalers
  • Couriers and Messengers, such as the United Parcel Service (UPS), whose Ontario-based facility employs 4,000 people and serves as the gateway to the Asia Rim, Hawaii and Alaska
  • Warehousing and Storage, which includes recognizable brand names such as AutoZone, Sketchers USA, Leslie’s Swimming Pool Supplies and Target

And yes, all of the companies named have locations in Ontario, California!

Looking Ahead

Economists predict these sectors will only continue to grow. According to a report prepared by Beacon Economics in February 2015,“With lower gas prices spurring growth in consumer demand, the transportation and logistics industries in the region is experiencing a corresponding uptick with the rise of not just port-oriented logistics operations, but fulfillment centers for domestic consumption associated with rising e-commerce sales… . Indeed, Ontario should be poised for continued employment in this growth sector, which should further entail further stimulus to the region.”So the next time you see a train passing by filled with cargo, or see a UPS truck pass you by on Milliken Avenue, smile and wave. That cargo, those companies and their employees are supporting Ontario’s local economy!

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