Why Ontario Is The Best Location For Retail Businesses

When it comes to the retail industry, location is everything. A well-placed store can increase customer attraction, simplify supply and distribution, and help your business continue to grow. Whether you’re looking to open up an independently-owned shop or big-box store, Ontario, California, may be the perfect location you’ve been looking for.

Benefit From Ontario’s Growing Economy

Ontario is home to over 182,000 people. When considering the City’s resident-customer base within a 10-mile radius, the population swells to over 800,000, providing a huge consumer market for Ontario-based retailers. Stores reported $4.6 billion in taxable sales in 2009, and that number continues to increase annually. The citizens’ strong shopping habits have made Ontario the #1 retail location in the Inland Empire. Compared to other Southern California cities, Ontario is #4 in retail sales. Only Los Angeles, San Diego, and Anaheim (which have considerably larger populations and higher costs of living) were able to compete with Ontario’s taxable sales numbers.

Find Ample Retail Space

Ontario has space for every retailer, from casual goods to luxury items. The largest portion of Ontario’s retail sales is the Ontario Mills Mall. Measuring at 2 million square feet, Ontario Mills is the largest outlet and value retail shopping destination in the state. Featuring shops, restaurants, and entertainment opportunities, Ontario Mills is one of California’s top tourist venues. Over 24 million people visit the mall annually, allowing retail stores to thrive. Ontario also offers retail spaces to the south and west of Ontario Mills. Several areas are built to suit both shopping and lifestyle needs. By placing retail locations and office spaces near each other, residents and workers are drawn to the area, increasing the chance of a retail sale.

Connect With The Community

Research shows that 82% of shoppers consider a business’s community involvement and social responsibility when making a purchasing decision. Luckily, Ontario mixes big-city opportunity with small-town community, making it easier for businesses to connect with consumers. The City maintains several community spaces that host concerts, family shows, seasonal events, and more, year-round. With plenty of opportunities to get involved, businesses can quickly establish their presence in Ontario and build customer loyalty.

Get Unprecedented Business Support From The City of Ontario

No matter what kind of retail business you own, strategic partnerships are key. The City of Ontario created the Economic Development Agency to help new and existing businesses understand the zoning system, find the best location, find a steady workforce, and streamline company taxes. With this level of support, you can help your business grow as big as your dreams.

Get Support: Ontario Strike Team

If you’re looking for a new location for your retail business, or your Ontario-based store needs additional support, contact the City of Ontario’s Economic Development today.