Pied Piper of Community Development, Engagement and city love.

Peter Kageyama is a community and economic development consultant based in St. Petersburg, FL. Peter is the former President of Creative Tampa Bay, a grassroots community change organization. He has spoken all over the world about bottom up community development and the amazing people that are making change happen. His first book, For the Love of Cities, was recognized by Planetizen as a Top 10 Book for 2012 in urban planning, design and development. His second book, Love Where You Live (2015) is a “how to” manual for city leaders, both official and unofficial, on how we can be intentional about encouraging our emotional engagement with our places.

Peter loves cities. Big cities, small cities, villages and small towns. He thinks he has found the “secret sauce” of what makes cities successful and it is those same people who love their cities. Those ordinary citizens who somehow go above and beyond typical levels of citizenship and do extraordinary things for their places.
Not because they paid to, but because of their desire to make things happen in their hometown.

He is a pied piper of community ideas and city love as he spreads the word from place to place.