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Jerry RowleyLogan's Candies

We’ve been in downtown Ontario since 1933. Ontario has really done a lot of work in downtown over the year. We’ve got the new condominiums and apartments down here that people are moving into, so we’re starting to see a lot of action going on again so, we’re seeing some businesses coming back into the vacant buildings. We’re very excited and in the long term we see continued growth in downtown, and for our company.

One of our big things, one of the things we’re most known for, is making candy canes and ribbon candy and people come in and view and that’s always special when you see young kids come in and they’re bringing in their kids, second or third generation. Their moms brought them in and watched, their moms and dads brought them in and watched candy cane making years ago, and now they’re bringing their kids in and it’s a lot of fun to watch them. They watch the product from start to finish, their eyes light up as they see us making these candy canes and trying warm samples, and it’s just a great feel and that’s a kind of feel we love for downtown. You can’t get that in a mall, but you really get that feel in Ontario’s downtown.