Hasan IkhrataSCAG

The City of Ontario has a very unique place in the SCAG Region. The SCAG Region has 190 Cities and Ontario is at the heart of the Region. It has the second largest airport in the region and is actually is one of those cities that we’re looking for to change the urban form and the pattern of how the Inland Empire is going to grow. The City of Ontario is a very unique city, a very progressive city and a city that looks towards the future.

The City of Ontario has the right planning for enough job growth to support the population growth. They’re looking at a different urban form, they’re looking at different transportation systems for the future and so when you look at all of this, this is very unique for the city of Ontario compared to other cities even a major city like Los Angeles. I expect the future to be very bright for the City of Ontario. I expect to see as big of a center as Los Angeles in downtown Ontario in years to come.

Ontario is going to have 10% of the total growth in jobs in the Inland Empire. Most cities grow at 2% or 3%. That’s very significant in the Inland Empire, significant for the SCAG Region. Not many cities in the SCAG Region are forecasting such a growth and that’s important because you can’t really have a sustainable community unless you have the jobs that support the population and the activity that goes into that city.