George WillisUPS

Our growth plan is our international growth plan. We have 56 flights a day that go through Ontario with many of them linking up the Pac Rim and Baja Mexico through what we call our small aircraft. That’s given us a very good advantage and it’s also enabled us to do special things with Ontario clients. For example, it gives us flexibility with picking up our customers. We have 9 pm pick-ups to make an 8 o’clock delivery on the Western part of the United States because of the location of Ontario.

The most important part of Ontario in our business is our flights. It is extremely significant that we are here, within the Inland Empire, because as businesses come back to Southern California, we’re positioned to grow with them. Ontario gives us the opportunity to go west; to go to china, to go to Japan to form that linkage, to grow, and that’s the significant difference between Ontario and any other city.