Department Contacts

Department Contacts

Ontario, California couldn’t be the business-friendly city that it is without city staff who understand the value of business – and who want to help make yours a success. Ontario’s knowledgeable and professional staff is dedicated to assisting businesses – existing, new or new-to-Ontario – with their needs, whatever those may be. Employees from the Development, Building, Planning, Engineering or Fire departments will meet with you to answer any questions you may have, and the City of Ontario Economic Development Agency can put you in touch with local professionals who specialize in commercial real estate, brokerage and development. Our staff is available at every step of way to help you start, expand or relocate your business in Ontario.

  • Scott Ochoa
    City Manager
    T (909) 395-2010
  • Al C. Boling
    Assistant City Manager
    T (909) 395-2010
  • David Sheasby
    Deputy City Manager
    T (909) 395-2280
  • Helen McAlary
    Executive Director Community Life & Culture
    T (909) 395-2223
  • Scott Murphy
    Executive Director Development
    T (909) 395-2419
  • Kevin Shear
    Building Official
    T (909) 395-2172
  • Khoi Do
    City Engineer
    T (909) 395-2127
  • Cathy Wahlstrom
    Planning Director
    T (909) 395-2282
  • John P. Andrews
    Executive Director Economic Development
    T (909) 395-2242
  • Armen Harkalyan
    Executive Director of Finance
    T (909) 395-2019
  • Doreen Nunes
    Fiscal Services Director
    T (909) 395-2352
  • Bob Chandler
    Management Services Director
    T (909) 395-2353
  • Delilah Patterson
    Revenue Services Director
    T (909) 395-2074
  • Ray Gayk
    Fire Chief
    T (909) 395-2574
  • Julie Bjork
    Executive Director Housing & Neighborhood Preservation
    T (909) 395-2307
  • Angela Lopez
    Executive Director Human Resources
    T (909) 395-2435
  • Elliott Ellsworth
    Executive Director Information Technology
    T (909) 395-2406
  • Scott Burton
    Utilities General Manager
    T (909) 395-2605
  • Derek Williams
    Police Chief
    T (909) 395-2707
  • Tito Haes
    Executive Director Public Works
    T (909) 395-2665
  • Michael Johnson
    Municipal Services Director
    T (909) 395-2690

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