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Expand or Relocate Your Business

The following information has been compiled for businesses looking to expand their location, move to a new facility in Ontario, or provide resources for employee hiring and training.

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Setting Up a New Location

Setting up a new location will require proper verification the use of the business is permitted by zoning and any improvements and expansion may require updates to the facility due to new building codes.  In addition, many programs such as job referral and applicant screening services, tailored recruitments, on-the-job and customized training programs are provided at no charge to employers.

In Ontario we realize that time is of the essence for establishing, relocating and expanding a business. If you need to expedite your permit to meet specific deadlines we can work with you to achieve that goal. While the development and permitting process can be time-consuming and challenging, the City of Ontario provides a one-stop source for moving your projects forward.

Ontario Zoning and Building Code Compliance

City of Ontario Planning Department
(909) 395-2036 

City of Ontario Building Department
(909) 395-2023 

Confirm Ontario zoning, use and building code compliance with the City of Ontario Planning and Building Departments prior to signing leases or sales agreements, as well as before making any exterior or interior alterations. The assistance of additional City Agencies and Departments may also be necessary to confirm compliance and necessary licenses and permits.

San Bernardino County Workforce Development Department (WDD)

Services offered by the County of San Bernardino WDD:

  • Labor market information
  • Job description design
  • Targeted recruitment
  • Job listing services
  • Applicant screening
  • Assessment testing
  • Interviewing space
  • Customized training

The WDD also offers developmental training, occupational training, on-the-job training, vocational training and a technical training program. Screening and forms completion are provided for eligible applicants in the Work Opportunity Tax Credit Program (WOTC), as are employee share programs, job search skills training, dislocated worker service, referral to supportive services and youth employment services. Sponsor of the Employer Advisory Council, the WDD also offers a Professional Resource Network for managerial and technical workers.