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For Site Selectors

The Ontario Economic Development Team's goal is to facilitate your company’s smooth transition into Ontario, California. Let the Economic Development Team take the first step with you and stay by your side through the entire process.

  • Zoning Laws
  • Design Approval
  • Building Permits
  • Street Access
  • Traffic Issues

Selecting the site for a commercial development or choosing the location to start, expand or relocate your business can be a daunting process. 

Site selection is an art – an art of doing business. Understanding commercial and corporate real estate strategy and knowing the ins and outs of local economic conditions and factors all play into the future success of your business in its new location.

City staff are available to help make the site selection and start-up processes as smooth and efficient as possible. City officials and Economic Development staff are available to answer your questions, address any concerns and provide guidance in understanding the region as a whole, the City itself and specific neighborhoods in Ontario. City staff from the Development, Building, Planning, Engineering or Fire departments are always available to work with you, and Economic Development officials can direct you to local professionals who know the area and specialize in the commercial real estate market.

The City of Ontario, California continually takes on capital improvement projects not only to encourage the flow of goods and services but also to preserve the integrity of the community. The Economic Development Team can help site selectors learn about planned public improvements and future capital projects – from streets to grade separations to storm drains – that may affect where you choose to locate your business.

As you consider locations for your business, City officials and employees can also help you understand any issues in the immediate area of your potential site. Those issues can range from formal zoning laws to simply understanding that traffic increases in the afternoons when a nearby school lets out for the day. Local knowledge and on-the-ground insight can help site selectors make the right choice for their specific needs and avoid any surprises that could affect the success of your business.