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Nothing can slow a business down faster than paperwork, delays in construction and lack of funding. Ontario City Officials want our companies to succeed, no matter how small or how large.

Through its relationships and resources, the City of Ontario can assist companies and businesses with a variety of needs to help foster their success. Our relationships with other government entities, including San Bernardino County and the State of California, can help developers and business owners easily navigate the maze of regulations and requirements.

City Staff is committed to facilitating all the necessary steps to get business up and running and to insure company growth. Our staff can assist with planning documents, licensing applications, and building permits, as well as landscape plans, signage requirements, tax filings.

Ontario, California offers a Business Concierge program to facilitate a variety of assistance and foster business success. City officials and employees provide business owners and managers with resources, insight, and local knowledge that will provide competitive advantages in the marketplace and help companies succeed and grow.

Through a variety of federal, state and county programs, Ontario has access to many government-assistance programs. These programs are available to assist companies who are net to the City, looking to expand operations, staff new jobs, increase energy efficiency or to be better stewards of the environment. The City has access to services that will educate and direct businesses to a number of incentive opportunities currently available.

The City of Ontario’s utilities department also works with businesses to identify their unique needs. The City utilizes Southern California Edison and Southern California Gas Co. to provide energy conservation programs, energy efficiency incentives, expert assistance, and educational material to all Ontario businesses.

Working with City Staff, Ontario businesses save time by exercising the City’s business resources and staff expertise, Ontario, California business owners can get their business and development projects moving quickly and easily, saving money in the process and seeing a return on investment sooner.

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