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Privacy Policy

The City of Ontario’s Economic Development Department Official Web Site The City of Ontario is deeply committed to providing the best possible service to businesses, residents, and visitors and their privacy. The City’s web site will allow the public several opportunities to share personal information online with the City, in order to expedite and provide effective service. The City of Ontario will not disclose this information to any third party, unless required to do so under federal or state law. The City’s web servers are maintained to provide the public access to City information via the City’s website at www.ontarioca.gov and www.ontariothinksbusiness.com. The City’s web content and web servers are updated with new content and security on a continual basis. Web content is compiled from multiple departments and is subject to change without notice. All text, content, images, and other web related content found on the City’s web site is protected by copyright law. Please contact the City regarding the use of City web content and materials. 3D Mapping provided by Concept 3D.