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Manufacturing Resources

From accessible, pertinent information to strategic assistance with business, information technology, quality management and lean enterprises, resources available to Ontario manufacturers provide substantial benefits including productivity gains to increase a company's performance and competitive edge.

California Manufacturing Technology Center (CMTC)

To improve methods of management and manufacturing, the non-profit CMTC provides high-value consulting to manufacturers, such as those in the industries of aerospace, electronics and biomedical as well as others including apparel, food processing, entertainment, paper, plastics, wood and the automobile after-market. Highly skilled CMTC consultants help manufacturers increase sales, reduce costs, reduce inventories, comply with environmental regulations and boost profits. Unlike many other consulting firms, CMTC's quality and impact per client are audited every quarter by an independent third-party firm. Survey results rank CMTC in the top 5% nationally.

(310) 263-3060

California Manufacturers Investment Credit (MIC)

MIC is a credit of 6% of qualified costs paid or incurred for acquiring, construction or reconstructing qualified property. It is available to qualified individuals, partnerships, corporations, S corporations or limited liability companies (LLCs) engaged in at least one line of business that is classified as an operating establishment under Division D, Manufacturing, of the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Manual including SIC code numbers 2011 through 3999, inclusive. Qualified also is any taxpayer engaged in activities related to computer programming or computer software design described under SIC codes 7371 to 7373.

(800) 852-5711

Best Manufacturing Practices Program (BMP)

The BMP Center of Excellence has become a national resource in helping organizations learn from others' attempts and avoid costly duplication. The program identifies and validates best practices used in the areas of design, testing, production, facilities, logistics and management, then documents the applications and shares such best practices.

(301) 405-9990

Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP)

Through the U.S. Department of Commerce's National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), the not-for-profit, MEP network offers manufacturers the help they need to succeed with a variety of program development activities including: process improvement, human resource development, market development, financial planning, energy audits and environmental studies.

(301) 975-5020