The COVID-19 pandemic continues to critically impact many Ontario residents, business owners and employees. In an effort to support the more than 12,000 businesses in the City, and to ensure that Ontario remains the economic engine of the San Bernardino County, the City of Ontario this week unveiled the 2022 Economic Development Recovery Strategy.

The Business Recovery Strategy will serve as a blueprint over the next year to effectively, comprehensively, and quickly address ways in which the City of Ontario can support the local economy. Key actions addressed include allocating grants, hosting an in-person State of the City address, and repositioning underutilized commercial centers.

The following Business Recovery Strategy includes three main phases, incorporating the input and ideas received from the business community -- REOPEN, RECONNECT, AND REIMAGINE.

REOPEN: Address ways in the which the City can support businesses to ensure they have the tools and resources to reopen quickly and safely, such as outdoor dining, providing concierge services to new businesses in Ontario, and allocate grants.

RECONNECT: Address ways in which the City can effectively reconnect with the business community and its customer base. Address ways in which the City can effectively reconnect with the business community and its customer base. This includes assisting in marketing efforts, such as continue the Made In Ontario video series that highlights local businesses and continuing relationship building events such as the State of the City.

REIMAGINE: Addresses ways in which we can reimagine commercial property uses as a way to add more housing or improve blighted areas, enhance service delivery to local businesses, and re-consider economic development programs to make them more effective to current customers.

These three steps over the next year will provide the business assurance that the City of Ontario is working hard to keep the business community thriving. 

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