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The Downtown District, also the civic heart of Ontario, is home to City Hall, the City Library, the Senior Center, the Ontario Museum of History of Art, and Ontario Town Square, attracting thousands of event attendees annually.

Nestled along the historic tree-lined Euclid Avenue Corridor, the district is undergoing significant revitalization, blending City-led and private development efforts.

As the historic center of Ontario, the Downtown District is envisioned as a place-based, people-focused, commercial, and cultural "heart" of the City. It encompasses designated historic districts and landmarks, supporting various businesses, housing opportunities for residents with diverse income levels, creative spaces, entertainment options, and institutional and civic uses—all while preserving its historic character, buildings, neighborhoods, and places.

With thoughtful designs, layouts, and public spaces, Downtown fosters a strong sense of connection, creating a vibrant place where residents, visitors, and businesses want to spend time

Downtown Opportunities

Downtown's revitalization, led by the City-driven Civic Center Campus Expansion, public-private partnerships, and private investments, prioritizes a well-balanced blend of City services, educational facilities, and diverse mixed-use spaces.

Multiple investment opportunities are available, offering the potential for housing, retail, restaurants, breweries, art, and other complementary uses that contribute to Downtown Ontario's vibrancy, making the vision of a vibrant, authentic, and 18-hour downtown a reality.