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Research and Development

Ontario, California is becoming a hub for technology, engineering, medical and green-tech innovation.

Ontario is the perfect fit for green-tech innovation. Located within the City are several companies dedicated to reducing their carbon footprint and bringing about more environmentally friendly products. From electric cars to utilizing solar panels to generate electricity, Ontario businesses remain at the forefront of the industry. Ontario also offers trade schools, such Green Career Institute, that specially train students for a career in green-technology.

Ontario also provides numerous opportunities in the fast growing medical field. Several career colleges are located within the City that offers students the opportunity to become leaders in the medical industry. Ontario is home to state of the art hospitals and medical offices that rely on the latest technology available to provide patients with excellent care. In addition to schools and hospitals, Ontario is the home to businesses that specialize in high-tech medical equipment.

Another industry that is popular in Ontario is Food Processing and Manufacturing. The companies located in the City are dedicated to using the latest technology to provide customers with the best food products available. Food Processing companies in Ontario offer diverse products from extracts to dehydrated foods as well as packaged soups. These companies are always innovating new ways to provide their product in the freshest and healthiest way possible.

Ontario offers such diversity within its industries that many find it a great city to either start or continue a profession. From education to placement in a career, Ontario offers a multitude of opportunities focused on pursuing the latest and greatest in technology. These are many of the reasons businesses come to Ontario, and why Ontario continues to grow.