An element of Ontario's educational heritage dates to 1882 when founder George Chaffey established a relationship with the University of Southern California to found an agricultural school.  The land for the school is the current Euclid Avenue campus of Chaffey High School.

Today, the City's schools place an emphasis on academic excellence including fundamental skills essential for continuing learning and career opportunities.

The Ontario region boasts an ‘innovation corridor’ with over 14 colleges and universities- from the nationally known Claremont Colleges and University of Redlands, to the Accredited University of La Verne School of Law in Ontario- which graduates some of the top attorneys in California.

Whether you are looking to further your education or establish your career - Ontario provides strategic access to a wide array of educational and job opportunities.

Technical & Vocational

A variety of technical and vocational institutes, as well as colleges and universities in the Ontario region provide a broad scope of Certificate and Associate's degree programs in a wide range of fields. Focusing on a particular discipline, these educational programs are often very specific in particular course study.  Among the programs are courses ranging from accounting and animation technology to computer technical support and culinary/restaurant operations, and from financial occupations and manufacturing technology to sports medicine and systems engineering.

Primary & Secondary Schools

Ontario is home to four primary school districts and one secondary school district.

Education Programs

  • Promise Scholars: To ensure OMSD students have access to a world-class education that empowers students to be successful in a dynamic global society, Promise Scholars facilitates community partnerships to create college degree and career pathways for all students. The Promise Scholars program works to bring everyone together—parents, educators, businesses, and local leaders—to introduce students beginning in Kindergarten to the opportunities available after high school and make sure they plan and take the steps to achieve their goals.

  • Ontario's Community College Promise Program: The City of Ontario believes that all children of Ontario should have the opportunity to follow their dreams to attend a vocational or higher learning institution.  To help fulfill this dream, the City of Ontario has established a scholarship program for high school graduates which will provide free tuition for up to two consecutive years at a California community college of the student’s choice.